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Acknowledgement of maternity or paternity

Acknowledgement of maternity or paternity of a natural child usually results from the foreign birth certificate to be registered in Italy (see Birth section). It may also be contained, however, in a separate deed, drawn up after the birth, with the local Civil Registrar or a Notary Public. To be valid in Italy, the acknowledgement made abroad – in accordance with the local legislation – shall comply with the terms and conditions laid down by the Italian legal system (Article 250 et seq. of the Civil Code) and shall be contained in a deed duly legalised and translated into Italian (see the section Translation and Legalisation of Documents).

The recognition of a natural child must be requested if the parents were not married at the time of the child’s birth.

If the foreign acknowledgement, resulting from the birth certificate or from a separate deed, does not comply with the requirements laid down by the aforementioned regulations, the acknowledgement of maternity or paternity of a child shall be made at the competent Consular Office with an ad hoc report that shall supplement the birth certificate to be registered.

Both parents will have present themselves at Consular office. If the minor has reached the age of 14, he will also have to present himself at the Consulate to countersign the documents. The presence of children under 14 is not required.

Acknowledgement of maternity or paternity of a natural child may also result from a foreign judgment which, if it meets the requirements of Law No. 218/1995, may be recognised in Italy.

PLEASE NOTE: The Consulate General reserves the right to request supporting documentation.

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