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Registry of Italians residing abroad (AIRE)

Fast-It” is the online consular services portal that allows you to:

  • register with AIRE;
  • view your registry personal file;
  • notify a change of address.

The Portal, accessible on, is available in multiple languages: Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German.


Practical Instructions


  • You must create a user profile associated with an email address and choose a password.
    PLEASE NOTE: it is FUNDAMENTAL, at this stage, to enter your personal data – name, surname and place and date of birth – EXACTLY as they are indicated on your Italian passport or, for those who have not yet had their birth registered, as indicated on the birth certificate which will be presented to the Consulate for transcription purposes in Italy.
  • Select LOGIN and enter the activation code that was sent to the indicated email address. Alternatively, click on ‘user activation link’ in the email received. Registration is not necessary if the citizen accesses the portal via SPID.



PLEASE NOTE: You must have access PDF manager.

  • Select the required service and follow the instructions on the Portal for once-off verification, by the Consulate General, of the data entered at the time of registration. To this end, you must upload a copy of your valid identity document.



  • You will be able to continue with the desired service only after the Consulate General has validated your profile.


NOTIFY A CHANGE OF ADDRESS (Applicable to Italian citizens already registered in the Consular Register)
  • Enter the data requested by the Portal and upload the documents listed on the Portal (copy of a valid identity document, proof of residence and the application form generated by the Portal using the appropriate button, duly signed. Computer-generated signatures are not accepted.)

  • The citizen must report the family members affected by the change. The Portal automatically lists family members residing at the previously declared address.



This option is applicable to those arriving from Italy or from another consular district and reporting their presence in the consular district of Johannesburg for the first time.

The adult descendant of an Italian citizen who requests the late registration of his birth must also choose this option.

PLEASE NOTE: Italian citizens already residing in the consular district of the Consulate General of Johannesburg and who have previously used services at the Consulate must assume that they are already registered in AIRE.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who moves to another foreign country or moves to the district of another Italian diplomatic-consular office in South Africa must request an AIRE registration directly at the consular district of destination.

  • Enter the data requested by the Portal for each member of the family for which registration is requested and upload the documents listed on the portal (copy of a valid identity document for all members of the family, in a single PDF, proof of residence and application form generated by the Portal, using the appropriate button, duly signed. Computer-generated signatures are not accepted).

The entry visa into the country cannot be accepted as proof of residence.

For citizens born outside of Italy: also attach a photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the relevant Italian municipality, or a certificate of citizenship.

PLEASE NOTE: it is ESSENTIAL to enter the personal data of each member of the family – name, surname and place and date of birth – EXACTLY as they are indicated in the respective Italian passport. In the case of a foreign spouse, even if the law of the country of origin provides otherwise, the maiden surname must always be indicated as Italian law does not provide that, at the time of marriage, one of the spouses adopts the surname of the other or places it alongside the own.

For the purposes of requesting registration in AIRE, the Portal asks you to confirm your possession of Italian citizenship.

Requests that do not comply with the requirements will be rejected.

The procedures initiated through “Fast It” can be consulted online, and it is the citizen’s responsibility to log in with their username and password to find out their status.

It shall be noted that the “Fast-It” A.I.R.E. registration procedure is not an actual A.I.R.E. registration, but rather an automated procedure that minimizes typing errors or the submission of incomplete applications.

The Italian municipality will directly notify the interested parties of the conclusion of the procedure.


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