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Immagine headerTag: <span>Diplomazia Economica</span>
16 Maggio 2024
Origini Italia Program 2024 – Admission announcement

ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and MIB Trieste School of Management (Trieste, Italy) promote and organize ORIGINI ITALIA PROGRAM 2024, an intensive Export Management and Entrepreneurial Development Course aimed at the descendants of emigrants from Italy who are residents abroad, in particular in extra European countries. The Course’s main objective is to promote a new and […]

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23 Febbraio 2024
Tax incentives for attracting human capital in Italy.

To support the economic, scientific and cultural development of Italy, the Italian Tax system provides for numerous benefits for people who move their residence to Italy to work or live there. Some measures have been in place for several years, others have been recently enacted. All have a common purpose: attracting human resources to Italy. […]

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