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2021 COM.IT.ES. Elections - Voting option now accessible



2021 COM.IT.ES. Elections - Voting option now accessible

In 2021, Italian Citizens resident abroad are called upon to exercise their vote for the renewal of their representatives.
The Com.It.Es elections are scheduled on 3 December 2021 as per Consular Decree no.8/2021.

Only voters in possession of the legal requirements for active electorate will be able to participate in this important electoral event i.e. resident and registered with AIRE in the consular district of Johannesburg for at least 6 months (with respect to the election date).

Voting takes place by correspondence, but - unlike political elections and referendums - the electoral envelope is sent ONLY to voters who have presented an express request for registration in the electoral roll for the elections of Com.It.Es., at least thirty days before the date set for voting (therefore no later than 3 November 2021).

How to exercise the option to vote?

Italian citizens residing in this consular district (Free State; Gauteng, except Pretoria; KwaZulu Natal; Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West) and registered with AIRE can register right away in the electoral list for the elections of Com.It.Es. through the Fast It consular services portal, at this link:, selecting "Application for registration in the electoral list for the elections of Com.It.Es.". By registering through Fast It, residents of this Consular District will be able to participate in the experimentation of electronic voting.

Alternatively, the citizen can submit the paper form for registration in the electoral list for the elections of Com.It.Es, completed and signed, in one of the following ways:

1. handing it in person to the Consulate General in Johannesburg, together with a photocopy of an identity document including the signature of the citizen;

2. sending it, completed and signed, via post/courier, together with a photocopy of an identity document including the signature of the citizen;

3. by sending it by ordinary (to or certified e-mail (to, together with a copy of the identity document, including the signature of the citizen.


Digital voting experimentation

This Consulate participates in the experimentation of digital voting.
All the voters who request to be registered in the list of voters for the election of the COM.IT.ES through the FAST IT portal, in addition to receiving the electoral packet at their domicile, will automatically be enabled to the e-voting platform for digital electronic voting. In order to access the platform, the voter must have the first level SPID credentials (Public Digital Identity System,

Voters who have sent the registration request in alternative ways to the FAST IT portal will not be allowed to participate in the trial.

The vote expressed in digital mode has an exclusively experimental value and will not be counted in the ballot. Therefore, the voters participating will have to vote also by correspondence. ONLY the vote by correspondence will be legally valid.


Presentation of the lists of candidates and authentication of the signatures of the subscribers.

The lists are made up of a number of candidates at least equal to the number of Committee members to be elected, and no more than 16 for Comites composed of 12 members.

According to Law 286/2003, article 15, paragraph 3, and Presidential Decree 395/2003, article 14, paragraph 4, the lists of candidates can be presented from the twentieth to the thirtieth day, following the date of calling the Comites elections, to the Offices specifically set up at the Consulates (i.e. from Thursday 23 September to Sunday 3 October 2021).

For more information on requirements, methods and schedules, please refer to Law n. 286 of 23 October 2003 and DPR n. 395 of 29 December 2003.

An explanatory note is provided on the requirements of the candidates and presentation of the lists.

The forms to be used are publicized below:

- declaration of presentation of the lists of candidates and related signatures. Main form and  secondary form;

- application acceptance form;

- presentation of the lists of candidates - Information on management of data.

- designation of main and secondary list's representatives.

Candidates - Requirements, Ineligibility and Disqualification

Pursuant to art. 5 of Law 286/2003, Italian citizens residing in the consular district and candidates on one of the lists presented are eligible, provided they are registered in the updated list pursuant to art. 5 paragraph 1 of Law 459/2001 and in possession of the requirements to be candidates for administrative electoral consultations.

The candidacy is admitted only in one constituency and for only one list.

Pursuant to art. 6 of Presidential Decree 395/2003, candidates must meet the requirements of Article 55 (passive electorate), paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 267/2000.

Pursuant to art. 5, paragraph 4, of Law 286/2003, employees of the Italian State who work abroad, including contract staff, as well as those who hold institutional positions and their salaried coworkers are not eligible. Furthermore, administrators and legal representatives of bodies managing school activities in the territory of the Committee, and administrators and legal representatives of assistance committees that receive public funding, are not eligible.

Finally, those who have been members of a Committee for two consecutive terms are not eligible (Article 8 of the Law).

The Com.It.Es. - on the side of Italians in the world

What are they?

Established in 1985, Com.It.Es. are elected bodies that represent compatriots abroad, in relations with Embassies and Consulates and for inclusion in the countries in which they operate.

What are they doing?

They represent the Italian Community, promoting its interests; they favour the introduction of the new mobility and preserve the historical memory of Italian emigration.

How many are there?

In the world there are 108 Com. It. Es., of which 50 in Europe, 44 in the Americas, 7 in Asia and Oceania, 4 in the Middle East and 3 in Sub-Saharan Africa. An important presence, to represent and promote the interests of the Italian community in the world.

By whom are they elected and when are they formed?

They are directly elected by compatriots residing abroad in each consular district where at least three thousand compatriots reside.

Who is part of it?

They are made up of 12 or 18 members, elected in consular districts respectively below or above the threshold of 100,000 AIRE resident compatriots, and remain in office for 5 years.

Visit the Farnesina website for more information on Com.It.Es..


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