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COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) – Airport Checks



COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) – Airport Checks

coronavirusIn order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (new coronavirus), the South African authorities have intensified airport checks on all passengers, especially for those coming from China and Italy. All travelers will be systematically subjected to temperature checks by means of scanners and they will be asked for information on the itinerary and the place of origin (in particular for travelers from Italian regions where multiple cases have been registered). It will be necessary to provide a contact in South Africa with emergency numbers and instructions will be provided to passengers in case of flu symptoms, for which they could be subjected to a fourteen-day quarantine, in the manner determined by the local health authorities. Airport authorities have also stepped up checks on health and medical certificates, including those relating to other diseases (for example, the yellow fever vaccination certificate). For general information and practical advice on COVID-19 (new coronavirus), see the Viaggiare Sicuri website (