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11 th Edition of Ital Jazz



11 th Edition of Ital Jazz





double c

Tino Tracanna (soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones)
Massimiliano Milesi (tenor and soprano saxophones)
Giulio Corini (double bass)
Filippo Sala (drums, percussion)

Double Cut is an unusual quartet, where a regular two-saxophones front line, plus bass and drums, meets a whole array of uncommon musical instruments. Established in 2014, concurrently with the bicentenary of Mr. Adolphe Sax, the group aims to explore as many expressive avenues as its formula can achieve, working both on jazz classics and original compositions without ever giving in to any specific language.

Tino Tracanna and Massimiliano Milesi, the group’s leaders and saxophone players, met while teaching (Tracanna) and studying (Milesi) at the Milan Conservatory’s jazz Department. Sharing a keen interest in the history and mechanics of the saxophone, both musicians were delighted in finding a common passion for vintage instruments. After a while, their experiments found two more conjurers such as the double bass player Giulio Corini and the former Milan Conservatory fellow, percussion player Filippo Sala.

The generation gap between Milesi and Tracanna helps the quartet bring to the surface the different visions, ideas and musical experiences of all the group’s members, resulting in a project where elements from different musical worlds can easily converge. The group’s moniker, “Double Cut”, suggests a musical environment where diverse musical backgrounds intersect and come to terms in order to form a whole new space, defined by two lines on a surface.