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Social Services


Social Services

The Social Assistance Office mainly performs the following functions:

• assistance to Italian nationals who are destitute and in need of subsidies or loans with an undertaking of repayment;

• preparing the necessary documentation in connection with international adoptions;

• consular protection for fellow nationals who are in situations of peril or difficulty;

• assistance with pension matters.



The consular office may grant a subsidy to an Italian citizen permanently residing in its consular district, registered with AIRE, who is in a situation of proven poverty. The subsidy is granted on an absolutely exceptional basis and consistently with the available funds entered in the budget.

An Italian citizen temporarily abroad and residing in Italy or in another consular district, who is facing unforeseen economic difficulties and cannot avail himself / herself of the help of his / her family members or third parties (for example, through companies enabled to transfer cash), may be granted a loan, which he / she undertakes to repay to the Treasury within 90 days. The loan is granted subject to verifying the Italian national’s condition of economic hardship and the inability of his / her family members required by law to provide for him / her (Art. 433 of the Civil Code).

To obtain a subsidy or a loan, the interested person must present the following documentation:

application form, fully completed and signed;

• copy of valid Italian passport;

• bank statements for the last 3 months, of the applicant and his/her family members;

• declaration of incapacity to assist from family members and/or other relatives;

• documentation proving the expenditures/needs (invoices, bills, accounts and arrears).

The abovementioned documentation must be sent to the below email address:

The applicant will then be contacted for an appointment at the Consulate General, to finalize the submission of the request.

The Consulate General can request further documentation in order to carry out the necessary assessments.



Tel. +27 11 728 1392/3 ext. 2110