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Education Office


Education Office

The Education Office supervises the Italian language courses and issues the Declarations of Value for the qualifications obtained in South African schools in the consular district of Johannesburg.



A complete list of schools of all levels (infant schools, primary and secondary schools of first and second degree, state and equal) is available on the website of the Ministry of Education, University and Research at the following link: http

The lists of universities can be consulted on the website

Information of general interest on the organization and functioning of Italian universities is available on the website

For university enrolments, consult and



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) offers scholarships to foreign students and Italian citizens residing abroad (AIRE) with the aim of promoting cooperation in the cultural, scientific and technological fields, the projection of economic system of Italy in the world and the spread of knowledge of the Italian language and culture (Ref. Law 288/55 and subsequent amendments and additions). Scholarships are offered to carry out study, training and/or research programs at state or legally recognized Italian institutions and cover only the attendance of courses in Italy.

For more information, visit the websites and



The Italian Cultural Institute of Pretoria and the Committees of the Dante Alighieri Society of Johannesburg, Durban and Pietermaritzburg offer Italian language and culture courses in the consular jurisdiction of this Consulate General.

For more information, please contact the institutions directly:

Italian Cultural Institute of Pretoria

Società Dante Alighieri Johannesburg

Società Dante Alighieri Durban

Società Dante Alighieri Pietermaritzburg



The School Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Johannesburg only issues “Dichiarazioni di Valore” (Declarations of Value, DOV) of South African qualifications – issued by recognised educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities) – that fall under the South African education/university system.

The Consulate of Italy in Johannesburg is competent for those qualifications obtained in its consular jurisdiction: Free State; Gauteng – excluding Pretoria; KwaZulu Natal; Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West.

The “Dichiarazione di Valore” (DOV) is a declaration whereby the Consulate confirms the value of the qualifications obtained in South Africa, with reference to the local educational system. The “DOV” is neither an equivalent of an Italian qualification nor a comparability certificate. It will be up to the relevant Italian institutions (Ministry of Education, Uffici Scolastici Provinciali, Universities, etc.) to subsequently declare if a foreign qualification has a similar Italian equivalent: this is called “equipollenza” (equivalence/certificate of comparability).

It is possible to ask CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence) for a Statement of Comparability and a Statement of Verification for your academic and non-academic qualifications
The above mentioned Statements from CIMEA are accepted by Universities and by numerous Institutions (recognition procedure for public competition, Pension related reasons etc).


Foreign citizens and Italian citizens residing in the consular jurisdiction of this Consulate General.


The Declaration of Local Value is issued free of charge only if it is aimed at continuing studies.
The cost of the Declaration of Local Value for work purposes corresponds to Rand 810 (last update: 01.08.2023). Payment can only be made after the School Office, having analysed the file, communicates the exact amount to be paid in accordance with the rates in force.

The necessary mandatory documents must be scanned and sent in advance by e-mail to the School Office ( Once the compliance with the necessary requirements has been verified, the original documents can be delivered, by hand or via prepaid courier, to the Consulate General, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00. No appointment is needed to deliver the documents.

You will be notified via email once the DOV is ready. The turnaround time 7-10 working days.

The original documents will be returned at the time of collection, which must take place by personally appearing at the Consulate General, by appointment, or by prepaid courier. Alternatively, it is possible to delegate a person to collect them, specifying their personal details at the time of booking. This person must present himself with an identification document.


Compulsory documents:

  • Application form duly completed and signed and a copy of a valid identity document (passport or ID);

  • "Letter of Authentication of studies" relating to secondary studies. To obtain it, you must go to UMALUSI with the original National Senior Certificate plus a photocopy;

  • If you have a Degree (or more than one) from a South African University, please approach SAQA – the South African Qualifications Authority (it used to be done at the Department of Higher Education) with the original Degree(s) or Diploma(s) and ask them to legalise a copy of your Degree (s) PLUS give them a copy of the Transcript of studies (ie. list of exams and results that the University gives you). They should also give you a letter of “Verification of Studies” regarding the legality of the University where you studied;

  • Once you have the Verification letter(s), you can courier the documents (originals and copies certified by the Higher Ed Dept.) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Department of International Relations and Co-Operation (DIRCO) - (Consular or Legalisations Section) and ask for an “Apostille of the Hague” – one Apostille per qualification with its accompanying verification letter.
    Please note we accept Apostille issued by DIRCO only. Apostille issued by other institutions (ie. Notary Public, High Court etc.) will be rejected.
    PLEASE DO NOT CUT THE RIBBON or tamper with the Apostille once it is done or you will invalidate it.

  • Go to a Sworn Translator that is accredited with this Consulate General (see attached) and get a sworn translation of the academic qualifications (only that. There is no need to translate Letter of Status or Apostille);

  • IF you have ANY foreign academic qualifications from other countries that are not under the territorial jurisdiction of this Consulate General of Italy any relevant Declaration of Value from the Consulate/ Embassy/ Institute of Culture in the country where it was obtained (foreign qualifications need to be done in the country where they were obtained – i.e. Declaration of Value etc). Please contact the Embassy or Consulate of Italy in the relevant country. They must do the Declaration of Value that you bring to us;

  • In the event of a request for work purposes, where applicable, please present proof of registration with the South African professional body (e.g.: HPSA, SACE, etc.).



Tel 27 11 728 1392/3 ext 2070