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Consular Section


Consular Section


Tel 27 11 728 1392/3 ext 2060, 2040 or 2110



The Consular Affairs Section deals with the following services:

• issue and renewal of passports

• citizenship matters

• upkeep and update of personal data for the Italians residing in the Consular

• upkeep of Registries of Births, Marriages and Deaths and their registration
with the Municipalities in Italy

• renewal of driving licenses

• issue of Medical Cover Certificates for a brief period of stay in Italy (no
longer than 90 days)

• legalization of documents and certificates issued by the South African

• issue of documentation for the exemption of Customs duties in Italy in case
of repatriation

• issue of Italian Tax Registration numbers

• information on the transport of pets to Italy

• Military enrollment procedures

• In case of elections, update of the voters personal information and issue of
duplicates of the voting ballots to those who are eligible to vote but did not
receive their voting papers.