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Passports for Adults in possession of Italian citizenship


Passports for Adults in possession of Italian citizenship

Requirements for adult applicants who possess Italian citizenship:

1. Passport request form duly completed and signed;

2. Two identical 35x45 mm, frontal and colour passport pictures with white background. The face must occupy approximately 70% of the frame (click here for photograph guidelines);

3. The previous Italian passport and/or other valid identity document in case the Italian passport has expired;

4. Payment in RANDS using cash or debit/cheque card, with the amount corresponding to the current exchange rate of Euro;

5. An adult with minor children always incurs the need for a consent form from the other parent, even in the case of separation, divorce, co-habitation and adoption.


If the parent issuing the consent is a citizen of the European Union, it is sufficient to present the consent form accompanied by a copy of an identity document in which the signature of the holder appears.


In the event that the other parent is not a citizen of the European Union, the parent is required to present themselves in person, with a valid identity document, to sign the aforementioned consent form. The signature must be authenticated by an official of the Consulate General and is subject to payment.

N.B: If minors have not yet been registered in Italy, a copy of their full birth certificate, issued by the Civil Status Office (Home Affairs), is required in order to verify the maternal and paternal consent.