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Children under 14 traveling alone (or not with parents)


Children under 14 traveling alone (or not with parents)

Accompanying statement for children under 14 traveling alone (or with people other than parents )



For Italian citizens under the age of 14 traveling alone or unaccompanied by at least one parent, a consular certificate is
required. The certificate is free of charge and is issued by the Consulate for all minors residing in the district upon express request by the parents, who can request it by presenting the accompanying statement (click here) together with:

1. Copy of the parents' passports;

2. Copy of the minor’s Italian passport;

3. Copy of the passport of the accompanying person(s)
or, in case the minor travels alone, the name of the airline and flights’


It is not necessary to make an appointment.


In the event that one of the parents is not a citizen of the European Union, the parent is required to appear in person at the Consulate, with a valid identity document, to sign the aforementioned consent form. The signature must be authenticated by an official of the Consulate General and is subject to payment.




According to South African legislation, starting from 1 June 2015 every South African and / or foreign minor arriving, transiting or leaving South African territory must travel with his / her own passport and:


a) with the birth certificate even if accompanied by both parents. The certificate must be original or in certified copy, must contain the names of the parents, and must be either translated or plurilingual. Example: for a child born in Italy the extract of the birth certificate in a plurilingual form, for a child born in South Africa the unabridged birth certificate.


If the parents' names are printed in the child's passport, the birth certificate is not mandatory. Also, in case the minor travels accompanied by a single parent, by a guardian, or unaccompanied, the minor must be in possession of:


b) a sworn statement (in affidavit form) with parental consent. Download the affidavit template - the signature must be authenticated in Italy by a South African diplomatic representation (see the list of all the offices on the website of the South African Embassy in Rome) or in South Africa by a "Commissioner of Oaths".


In case of unaccompanied minor, the minor must also be in possession of:

a) an expressed admission of responsibility on the part of the person in charge of receiving the minor upon arrival at the destination. Further information: South African Government Brochure Communication of the Department of Home Affairs.Brochure Communication of the Department of Home Affairs.