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Italian Police Clearance Certificate


Italian Police Clearance Certificate

South African Citizen and Italians residing in South Africa can apply for the Italian police clearance certificate.

Practical information - Certificates from the judicial records and of outstanding criminal proceedings requested from abroad

Anyone living outside Italy, whether Italian citizen or not, can apply for a certificato del casellario giudiziale [certificate from the judicial records] or a certificato dei carichi pendenti [certificate of outstanding criminal proceedings] concerning them, submitting an application to the Ufficio del casellario giudiziale [Judicial Records Office] attached to any Procura della Repubblica [Office of the Prosecutor of the Republic.

The application, in writing, must specify the following:

1. the personal details of the person concerned (i.e. the person to whom the certificate relates), stating clearly – in block capital letters - their family name/surname and forename(s)/given name(s), as well as their place (town and country) and date of birth;

2. the address where the certificate is to be sent;

3. if the certificate is requested with exemption from payment of any duty and fee (adoption, labour disputes, legal aid applications, judicial redress) or with exemption from payment of marca da bollo [stamp duty] (scholarship), the purpose for which it is requested proving entitlement to the exemption.

The application must be signed by the person concerned and specify if is for a certificato del casellario giudiziale [certificate from the judicial records] or a certificato dei carichi pendenti [certificate of outstanding criminal proceedings].
Certificates are issued in the Italian language and, if issued by the Office in Bolzano/Bozen, in the German language.

The cost of issuance of a certificate is of € 19,68 (of which € 16,00 for marca da bollo [stamp duty] and € 3,68 for diritti di certificato [certificate fee]) for each certificate issued.

If the certificate is exempt from the payment of the marca da bollo [stamp duty], only € 3,68 diritti di certificato [certificate fee]) are to be paid.

In addition, also the postage costs by ordinary mail are to be paid: these are € 0,90 for mailing to European countries, € 2,00 to non-European countries and € 2,50 to Oceania.

Said sums of money must be sent in the form of:

• a banker’s cheque (bank draft drawed from a bank that has a corresponding center in Italy) headed to the Casellario Giudiziale- Procura della Repubblica di Roma

• or postal order headed to the Casellario Giudiziale - Procura della Repubblica di Roma (ONLY FROM EUROPE)

• or cash (this payment form is heedless for the theft risk);

The request must enclose the following:

• a copy of a valid identity document of the person concerned (eg. ID card, passport, international driving licence);

• proof of payment of the total amount due for issuing the certificate (i.e. stamp duties and/or certificate fee and postage costs or n. 2 coupons reponse international or add € 2,00 for postage stamp; any change will be returned in the form of postage stamps).

• an envelope already completed with the address where the certificate is to be mailed to, without stamps.


Useful links:

For further informations and forms to download please consult: (Casellario Giudiziale) (Carichi Pendenti)

Please notice: For recognition by South African Authorities, an apostille according to the Hague Convention, must be requested from the Tribunale to be placed on the Certificato di Casellario Giudiziale.